Monday, June 4, 2007

Thrifting with Young

On sunday, young and i went thrifting in the mission.

Here is young looking rough n' tough in an oversized sweater.
He didnt get it. He did get some short shorts and I thought about taking a picture but didnt want to scare the 2 people who read this away.

The best find of the day was at the goodwill on mission st, which is now a goodwill outlet. All shoes and clothing are $1.99. I found my sister two pairs of Ferragamos for $1.99 each. It pays to have a gay brother.

Even after walking around the mission all day, Young successfully guilted me into going to the gym. Where i spent an hour on a bike. I still hate the gym, but i have to go 3 times this week. So at least I got the first one out of the way.

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